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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Its a new glasses kinda day :) 

Today, I picked up my new glasses, as my eyes have got worse, and it was cheaper to order whole new glasses rather than have my new prescription put into my other frames, go figure on that one!!  - they look really lovely, well I like them lol, and I took my 11 year old with me, who helped me pick them out so they better look nice he he

Maddie went to a sleepover last night, and I go to pick her up at 11am today, for her to come out saying "Mummy don't be too worried about my nose"!!!! What lol - She says "I slept walked into Bea's wall last night"!!!! pmsl - she has a stonking red mark across her nose and its all swollen bless her little heart and obviously sore.

Soooooo onto cardmaking business, I have jumped back into my colouring again with my copics, and as much as they are very expensive, I just love them - can't help it, have tried cheaper versions of alcohol pens but they aren't for me, I just plain ole love copic pens.

This image has been doing the rounds on some of the facebook crafting pages that I frequent and I just love it, and knew it would be perfect to start practicing my colour skills on again :) with a lot more depth that I want to achieve, and it is.  This is what I have created with her so far, and I love it.  The image is purchased from Jeremiah Ketner Fine Arts etsy page.  

Off to watch a movie me thinks, might be back later with another card I have made

Happy Saturday afternoon everyone :) x


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