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Friday, 12 October 2012

Birthday Girl

Well, another year, and my eldest is now the grand old age of 15 years.  She is now 5ft 11 inches and towers over me now!!! lol  Lets just see its a challenge getting her shoes and jeans that fit her these days bless.

I am glad that all my side of her family remembered her birthday and sent her something to celebrate, shame that only one person on the other side could be bothered, but the person that did, it was so appreciated by Bethany she was chuffed to nuts.

I made Beth a very special card, like I do every year, for all my girls.  This year, Beth has been following a very funny chap on youtube, who puts on some very funny videos every week, and is gaining himself quite a following, including my daughter lol.  Now Beth has always liked Llamas, and this chap does as well it would seem.  I will show you the card and you can judge for yourself lol

This chap is called danisnotonfire and Beth thinks he is the bees knees lol, she also has this Llama hat that I had to buy from abroad especially for her birthday, I thought she was gonna bust when she opened it up, so was so happy.  She also got the Friends DVD 15th Anniversary Collection, she is a massive Friends fan, lol which means I can now delete all the episodes she tapes on my sky box!!!! mwaaha ha ha one of her pressies still hasn't turned up, so still crossing fingers on that one.

have a great evening :)

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Michelle said...

What a fab card Alex, love the decoration on the card you have made with all the elements. Great colours too. I haven't seen him about on You Tube but will have to check him out! lol. I bet she loved her card and pressies. Hope she had a great day xx